Remedies For Sinus Problems
The 16th century Europeans made a tea by steeping 5  grams of fresh basil in a cupful of water, and then  drank it to eliminate stuffiness, caused by inflamed  membranes. The Japanese use basil tea for this same  purpose. Pungent oils such as thymol and camphor in the plant help open clogged passages.

The Japanese recommend that anyone with sinus congestion  take a healthy spoonful of horseradish. This treatment,  they say, also works for allergies.

In Iceland, a person with nasal congestion is likely to plunge his head into a basin of ice cold water. This is repeated until the congestion clears up. Warning: There is a chance that the congestion may return later - even worse.

If an Eskimo suffers from nasal congestion, he simply  reaches down, grabs a handful of snow, and puts it up  his nose. He might even dunk his nose, if not his whole  face, into the snow covered ground. The cold contracts  the nasal passages, and any clogged mucus is expelled.

For the people of Siberia, congested sinuses are treated by tilting the head back and placing a tsp of onion  juice in each nostril. This procedure can be repeated as necessary, but once per nostril should (we hope) be  sufficient.

In Mexico, patients with clogged sinuses are served  healthy doses of red hot chili peppers. A staple of  Mexican cuisine, these peppers will clear your sinuses  in a hurry. Moreover, they are an excellent source of  vitamin C.

Africans, often use pepper as a treatment for congested  sinuses. Rather than chili peppers, however, they use  cayenne pepper. Although cayenne pepper is eaten in many African dishes, the medicinal benefits are traditionally gained in a different way. An African with a sinus  problem will take a healthy sniff of cayenne pepper.  This brings on a fit of sneezing, thereby clearing his nasal passages.

Shepherd's purse, which gets its name from the shape of  its seed pods, is used to stop bleeding. For nose bleeds,  the French make a strong infusion of 2 handfuls of fresh  shepherd's purse to 1 liter of boiling water. This is cooled and drawn up the nose or applied on a plug of clean gause. The infusion is also good on hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

The smell in your right nostril is more pleasant, but  your left nostril is more accurate.

The droplets in a sneeze can travel 12 feet and remain  in the air for as long as three hours.

The sensors in your nose can detect as many as 10,000  different odors.
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BRIGHAM TEA: Primarily a blood purifier, a tea or infusion made from the herb is useful in alleviating sinus conditions and nose bleeds.  Has also been used to treat kidney problems, menstruation, skin
disorders and asthma.
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