Apple cider is known around the world as Mother Nature's miracle medicine, a
powerful weapon in the war against aging and disease that is more effective
than many high-priced prescription drugs. Now experts reveal that when mixed
with honey, apple cider becomes potent enough to cure cancer, heart disease
and other deadly ailments while remaining safe enough to take as an appetite
suppressant to lose weight. "Mixing these two healing foods produces
amazingly healthful effects," said Dr. Louis Ducarre of Geneva, Switzerland.
The expert's important new book, Natural Cures, Natural Life, is taking Europe
by storm. "Alone, each is extremely beneficial, but together they are able to
overwhelm almost every health problem that affects mankind." Dr. Ducarre says
you can use apple cider and honey for the following benefits:


Stir one tablespoon apple cider and one tablespoon honey into a cup of boiling
water. Drink the brew morning and evening to ward off arthritis pain. You can
also make a soothing salve by combining equal parts of apple cider and honey,
stirring well, and applying directly to aching areas.


A teaspoon apple cider mixed with a teaspoon honey taken morning, noon and
night should eliminate bacteria responsible for causing bladder infections.
Add a teaspoon cranberry juice for especially stubborn infections.


Recent research indicates apple cider and honey can dramatically improve
cancer cure rates. In one study, 387 men and women undergoing chemotherapy
for a variety of cancers took daily doses of apple cider and honey and
experienced remission rates twice that of patients who had chemotherapy


An ordinary salad with apple cider and honey dressing will help eliminate
canker sores. Eat the dressing on salad twice a day.


The dangerous effects of fatty foods can be controlled by drinking a hot tea
made of two cups water, two tablespoons honey and three tablespoons apple
cider. Sip the tea at least twice daily to lower cholesterol levels and keep
them low.


Take one tablespoon apple cider and one teaspoon honey to eliminate symptoms,
often in a matter of hours. The mixture is especially helpful when your cold
is accompanied by a sore throat.


Experts recommend mixing a half teaspoon of apple cider and a tablespoon of
honey in a cup of warm water. Sip as needed.


Exciting new research demonstrates that drinking daily doses of apple cider
and honey, mixed one-to-one, help repair damage to the inner ear and boost
hearing levels.


You can guard against heart disease and prevent the deposit of fatty plaque
in the arteries by dosing yourself with one cup apple cider sweetened with a
teaspoon of honey.


High blood pressure and its accompanying symptoms disappeared within a month after patients in an Italian study began taking regular doses of two parts
apple cider mixed with one part honey.


Your immune system will function more than three times as effectively if you
regularly consume apple cider and honey in combination. Medical research shows that the nutrients in these miracle foods boosted the activities of white
blood cells, helping them prevent disease by destroying invading viruses and


A miracle cure for indigestion can be made from a quarter-cup apple cider
combined with two teaspoons honey. Take two teaspoons of the mixture as
needed to settle your stomach and speed up digestion.


Danish studies show that a substance in apple cider is a natural wonder drug
when combined with an equal quantity of honey. A teaspoon of the mixture taken every hour eliminates viral symptoms.


You can live to be 100 and enjoy a healthy, active life by sipping a cup of
hot apple cider and honey "tea" daily. To make it, mix two teaspoons of each
ingredient in a cup of water.


Mix three teaspoonfuls of apple cider with a teaspoon of honey and dab on
pimples and other skin conditions each night.


Rub sore muscles with warm apple cider mixed nine-to-one with honey after
too much exercise. Repeat each morning and evening until aches disappear.


You can take off pound after pound of ugly, excess flab in a matter of weeks
by sipping fabulous "diet cocktail" made of five parts apple cider to one
part honey. You should drink one cup of this miracle brew before meals to
speed up metabolism and suppress your appetite.


There's tremendous evidence that the natural sugars in honey can improve
energy levels significantly. Used properly, these sugars can help senior
citizens and others who suffer from common fatigue. Nutrition experts
recommend making a mixture with half a teaspoon of honey and an 8 ounce glass of water. Drink this tasty concoction every morning about two hours after you wake up.
A seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible.  ~Welsh Proverb
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